Our Approach

Digitalization and the social web has democratized knowledge and reduced access barriers.

It reduces the cost of services and products and allows more people to benefit from them. We don't believe in intermediaries.

By analyzing revenue models in our present environment, we are sensitive to the ones who have stayed traditional. We want to transform these without losing the essence of that product or service.


Our Story

We are two founders. One from the East and one from the South of Germany. One has long time ago embraced the new world of digitalization, one has stayed in the traditional corporate world with a strong interest in the new technology.

We met over online dating and realized quickly we have more in common with our views around us than about us. She has been a tech entrepreneur from the very first beginning of the web with great expertise in website management and he has enjoyed working in big corporations and has gained a great wealth of experience and a sharp mind analyzing business models.

Meet the Team

We are lean and mean and work with freelance marketing agencies and web developers. We grow based on work and business size.

Jana Schemmel

Managing Director

Jana has worked for 20 years in the area of internet marketing, platform and call center management. A mother of 4, dynamic and a great sales woman.

Michael Heilig

Founder and CEO

Has lived and worked in several countries, father of four, 46 years old and passsionate about the power of change digitalization brings.